Cross Country Varsity Letter Standards


All seniors will earn a letter for 100% participation and effort in practice.


The top 7 runners as determined by place will earn a Varsity Letter as long as the following are met.

1. No missed or unexcused practices that have not been made up.

2. No unexcused missed meets.

3. Always gave 100% effort in practice and at meets.

4. You must be in the top 7 runners (of our team) by place at meets more than anyone else to be a top 7 runner.

Example - Joe comes in 1st to 7th 3 times and Ben comes in 1st to 7th 4 times in official meets.  While they are both one of the top 7 runners at one time or another – Ben has been in the top 7 more times than Joe so Ben would Letter where Joe would not.